Are your systems patched? Did your sysadmin remember to disable those unnecessary services? Are you enforcing strong authentication to your devices? These and many more questions will be answered by our Vulnerability Assessment.

The goal of a vulnerability assessment, as the name suggests, it to find and assess potential technical vulnerabilities within a target environment. This generally involves the following components:

  • Determine network addresses of live hosts, firewalls, routers and other devices in the target network.
  • Determine the network topology of the target network.
  • Fingerprint hosts to determine their operating system type.
  • For each live host, determine which network ports are open and what services are listening on those ports.
  • For each live host, determine the versions of applications and protocols in use.
  • Probe and interrogate each of the services, applications and protocols on the live hosts for potential vulnerabilities.

Safety First!

If not properly managed, a vulnerability assessment can be damaging to the availability of your networks resources. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure our scans cause the least amount of harm, even if it means running the scans in the middle of the night.

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